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Before continueing to the Profile setup, you must select a unique username for your TatMail account. Names must consist of only lowercase letters and/or numbers - no dashes, underscore or characters of any kind allowed. Any submission containing anything but letters and numbers will fail in processing the registration will be discarded without further notice.
Additionally, usernames that contain Uppercase or Capital letters will be converted to lowercase. Your full TatMailemail address will become your login name for your profile and webmal account, it can not be changed, although your profile may be edited as well as your password. You can also change your TatMail webmail password, it does not have to match you profile, but you must remember them both to use your profile and mail if they are different.

Once your TatMail username has been selected, you will then be taken to your profile setup area. Your account will be processed after your profile is established and you can login to your profile manager to see Tatmail Webmail is activated and to Links associated with your TatMail account.

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